Turfs Up Logo™ Wanting to give your new rolls of turf the best start in life?

Turfs Up™ is a new revolutionary product designed to properly bed new turf rolls and increase wear tolerance. Turfs Up™ is a new and unique specialist Australian designed and made turf product. It is formulated to significantly improve the establishment success and subsequent growth for newly laid rolls of turf or sod.

How to Use:

Prepare the soils or substrates where you are to be laying the new rolls of turf to a smooth and friable surface

Rate: Use up to 250 ml per square metre of Turfs Up™.

You have 2 options to use when installing Turfs Up™

  1. Evenly spread Turfs Up™ on prepared soils or surfaces where the new turf rolls or sod is to be placed. After spreading Turfs Up™, place and lay the strips of new turf.
  2. Evenly spread Turfs Up™ on the soil or area where the turf is to be laid at the recommended rate. Rotary hoe or blend into the soil the Turfs Up™ to a depth of no more then 50 mm. Prepare the final surface ready for laying turf and water well.
Turfs Up Steps

Turfs Up™ is a unique worlds first product that incorporates Cazna's special Aweganic Matta, latest generation Crystal Rain water crystals, soil improvers, mineral rock and a specialist turf fertiliser.

Can be used for all turf types.

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