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The Up™ Range of products signifies the latest developments in growing/ planting media, turf, water management and root protection products. They are designed and manufactured here in Australia as an outcome of product innovation and new technology.

The Up™ range provides a new quality of product and improved results for the various needs of the turf, landscape, farming, horticulture and nursery industries.

Patch Up Logo™

Patch Up™, an innovative new turf patch repair product.

Patch Up™ is a ready to use special blend of Aweganic Matta, turf fertiliser, binder and turf seeds designed to be applied to the surface of soils or sands. It rapidly absorbs water and expands to provide the perfect environment for the seeds to germinate and get established in quicker than normal methods of seed sowing. It is the perfect patch repair system and is unique in Australia to Cazna.

Excellent for any bare patch in turf or lawns including bare patches from where the dog has been. Tailor made blends can be made at our Sydney factory. If you have a special seed or fertiliser blend requirement for your site, please let us know.

Seal Up Logo™

Seal Up™ is the next generation dam and pond sealer.

It is the latest technology to quick and effectively help seal leaking dams or ponds. Simply spread on water surface and Seal Up™ will sink to the floor or wall of the pond or dam and seal the leak or seepage.

Turfs Up Logo™

Turfs Up™ is new technology for use under newly laid instant turf or sod.

Turfs Up™ is a new and unique specialist Turf product. It is designed to significantly improve establishment success and subsequent growth for newly laid turf rolls or sod. Simply spread evenly on prepared soils or surfaces where the new turf or sod rolls are to be put or blend into the soil profile. After laying, water well and Turfs Up™ is now working. A unique blend of world leading water crystals, Aweganic Matta, and soil improvers and fertiliser, Turfs Up™ can be used on all turf types.

Green Up Logo™

Green Up™ provides the new generation colour enhancement fertilisers.

Green Up™ is a true zero phosphorous fertilizer, derived from black nitrogen it is the cutting edge of fertilizer technology. It has a high initial release which produces a quick greening of the leaf followed by a continual slower release giving the plant the right nutritional requirements to inject green colouration into the leaf.

Spill Up Logo™

Spill Up™ is a new, highly absorbent technology for liquid spills.

Spill Up™ is a new innovation in spill recovery for any liquid spills. Using latest generation water absorbent polymers, Aweganic Matta and special mineralised rocks; Spill Up™ is safe, quick and easy to use. Spread on most liquids (excluding hydrocarbons like diesel, kero, petrol etc) that has spilled and SpillUp™ will rapidly absorb the liquid and odours. Broom or sweep up the expanded Spill Up™ and dispose of safely.

Dip Up Logo™

Dip Up™ is a dry Root management product which helps eliminate transplant shock, dry roots and improves Plant Growth after planting.

Dip Up™ is specially formulated to enhance and increase the success rate of dry / bare root plants and transplant practices. Its unique formula means the plant will have reduced transplant shock and boosted root growth after planting. Dip Up™ is the cutting edge of dry root stock management and planting success.

It is designed specifically for bare rooted plants for storage or transport like grapes, fruit trees, forestry stock and roses. It is non toxic and acrylamide free; unlike other bare root / transplant products.

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