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Patch Up™ is a new revolutionary product designed to Repair Bare Patches in Turf.

It is a unique 4 in 1 solution to quickly and easily repair bare patches in lawns and turf Patch Up™ is a blend of:

  • Compressed expanding Organic Matter
  • Professional Turf Seed Varieties
  • Slow release Turf Fertilisers feeding for up to 3 months
  • Sticking Agent to ensure Patch Up stays where it is put

Features and benefits:

Patch Up™ is quick and easy to use The Organic Matter base is compressed 5:1, this means less volume to transport and store, making it easy and cost efficent to get to site. The Slow Release Fertiliser will gently feed the young grass for up to 3 months during the critical establishment period. After watering, the organic matter expands around the seed, creating an ideal seed bed for quick germination and establishment. Less frequent watering and care is needed compared to seed sown directly on the soil. Because the Aweganic Matta upon watering, expands and covers the seed and fertiliser, the germination and growth is enhanced.

The expanding Aweganic Matta™

Covers the seed and helps stop birds eating the seed. Absorbs and holds rain and applied water for less frequent watering. Optimises germination and long term survival. Retains the nutrient released from the specialist turf fertilisers. Holds the seed and fertiliser in place until the seed is established and the patch is gone. Reduces the establishment time and optimises establishment success.

The seed formulation and fertilisers used are available in: Standard Blends or Custom Blends
How to use:
  1. Prepare area where you want to apply Patch Up™. Remove dead grass and any weeds. Loosen hard soil to a depth of 5cm.
  2. Apply evenly at rate of up to 750 ml or 3/4 litre per square metre.
  3. Soft nozzle water or apply Patch Up™ before Rain, and the Aweganic Matta expands and changes to a dark brown/black colour.
  4. When it returns to a light brown, it is time to re water.(see photo)
  5. Patch Up™ will quickly germinate the seed and cover the bare patch.
  6. If you have a particular type of turf grass variety, we can match the seed so that the Patch is covered with the same type as the rest of the turf.
  7. Patch Up™ has specialist Turf MU slow release fertilisers.
  8. A Nursery grass seed is usually blended (PerennialRye) to assist in the establishment of the grass cover for slow germination varieties like couch.
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