Crystal Rain Logo™ Our Crystal Rain is the most advanced water crystal available in Australia and importantly, is acrylamide free, unlike other crystals. Acrylamide is a dangerous neuro-toxin.

Crystal Rain is availible in 6 drifferent grades; from a fine micro grade to course grades there is a fit for every need. It can be supplied in various sizes from 2L tubs, to 10L tubs, to 20L bags and even bulk 1200L bags


Application rate in the soil types (poor, free draining and rocky) would be at 750 grams per cubic metre equivalent. This equates to 750grams per 5m2 and blended into the soil at a depth of 200mm.

Applications Methods

Sprinkle on surface and dig or rotary hoe into ground to depth of 200 mm or 8".

The alternative is to apply 5 grams (1 teaspoon) per tube dug into soil at twice the depth of the tube in a hole width of 100mm. Mix in well with the soils and then plant plants.

After planting, water well.

Do not use too much or the tube will lift up out of the ground as the Crystal Rain hydrates and swells.

Keep product dry in storage until use and store dry for any left over in the supplied bag/ bucket. Shelf life is very good so long as dry.

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