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Seal Up™ is our new revolutionary product designed to stop leaks in ponds and dams Seal Up™ is a new dam and pond sealer. It is the latest technology designed and formulated to quickly and effectively help seal water leaks or water loss through seepage in dams or ponds. Simply spread on water surface and Seal Up™ will sink to the floor or wall of the pond or dam and seal the leak.

How to Use:

  1. Identify where you think the leak or seepage is occurring.
  2. Clean the surface area of the dam or pond.
  3. Remove any rubbish or organic matter with a rake or other method from the wall or base of the area where the leak or seepage is occurring.
  4. Either from the side of the dam or pond or in a boat, apply the Seal Up™ by evenly spreading out on the surface of the water at a rate of up to 100 grams / sq. metre
  5. This can be done by hand throwing or using a spreader like the Scotts™ Lawn Builder™ spreader.
  6. Seal Up™ sinks into the water and spreads to where the leak or seepage is occurring.
  7. The unique Polymer Technology in Seal Up™ then fixes into the area where the water is escaping and effectively stops all leaks within 24 hours.
  8. Once in place Seal Up™ will last for many years.

  9. Seal Up™ is non toxic and ok to use in many situations including where stock has access. It will not harm aquatic animals or wildlife and will not affect the water where it is being applied on plants, turf or landscaping environments.

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