Spill Up Logo™ If so, we have a unique solution for you.

Spill Up™ is a new and unique Australian designed and made product. It is formulated to quickly and safely absorb a wide range of spilt liquids including chemical solutions.

How to Use:

Simply spread out Spill Up™ over the spilt liquid to fully cover the affected area. Immediately upon applying the Spill Up™ starts quickly ex panding and absorbs the spilt liquid. Once all the liquid is absorbed and the site is dry sweep or brush up the Spill Up™ and dispose of in a suitable container.

Spill Up™ is a blend of four highly absorbent compounds that are inert non to ic and safe to use. The unique Aweganic Matta™ is a highly compressed organic compound that is safe and the key ingredient in Spill Up™. The other products also absorb liquids and odours so that the affected area can e clean and safe quickly.

Available from ana or one of our many distributors throughout Australia.

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