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Growing Media Text 4th Edition

Here is the definitive text and handbook for all Greenkeepers, Turf Managers, Apprentices, Nurserymen, Parks Departments, Specifiers, Landscape Architects, Landscaper Contractors and Students. It covers fully Soils, Nutrition, Water and many other aspects for successful turf ,soil and potting mix management and results.

Now in its 4th Edition, it is also very relevant for in-ground plants around stadiums, clubhouses, parks, civic plantings and display gardens. It is a vital reference for all growing sites and an excellent refresher of knowledge for those that graduated or completed their training many years ago.

It is Essential reading for all students, apprentices and professionals.

Key chapters include:

  • Organic matter
  • Structure and Pore space
  • Plant Nutrients
  • Fertilisers
  • Watering: When and How Much?
  • Collecting Samples for Analysis
  • and many more important subjects.

  • About the Author

    Kevin Handreck is a retired CSIRO Soil Scientist who nowmanages his own horticultural consulting company. Kevin is very well known across Australia and New Zealand where his workshops and sharing of knowledge have significantly improved the knowledge and understanding of thousands of people employed in the Hort/ Ag/ Turf Industries. He chaired Standards Australia committees that set the Standards for potting mixes, composts and garden soils.

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