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Growing Media Cover

Growing Media

Growing Media has for many years been the home grown Australian definitive text to learn and understand how to get the best out of our soils and turf in many Horticultural Industries.

First published in 1984, this 4th Edition is an essential must for all Turf Growers, Stadium Managers, Growers and staff involved with plants and turf. From fertilisers and water management to foundations for good turf, each chapter will improve your knowledge and understandings.

Cazna Kit

Cazna Kit Portable Testing Equipment

On site, in field testing for quick and accurate results of water, soils and plant tissue is now a reality with this Laboratory Grade quality range of Cazna testers.

Save time and money by now testing pH, EC, Nitrogen, Potassium and many other essential minerals and elements with these quick and simple to use testers. 1 year guarantee with replaceable tips.

Aweganic Matta

Aweganic Matta

Aweganic Matta is a special grade of organic material that is sterile, inert, weed and pathogen free designed to be incorporated into soil or sand profile to improve the organic carbon content, C.E.C and to improve moisture and nutrient retention. This unique locally manufactured product is super compressed into small chips and can be surface applied and watered or incorporated into the sand or soils to the depth of the grass root zone.

Being compressed, this means there are substantial savings in logistical costs for freight and handling as the material expands to 5 times its supplied volume. Available in 20 litre bags and 1200 litre Bulka Bags.

Up Range

The UP™ Range

The Up™ range of products signifies the latest developments in growing/ planting media, turf, water management and root protection products. They are designed and manufactured here in Australia as an outcome of product innovation and new technology.

The Up™ range provides a new quality of productsand improved results for the various needs of the turf, landscape, farming, horticulture and nursery industries.

Crystal Rain

The Crystal Rain™

Crystal Rain™ is the newest in innovative water polymer technology. Provided in 6 differing grades Crystal Rain™ improves the not only the water holding capacity and water availibility to plants in challenging conditions but also builds the nutrient holding capacity of soils

Product Development

Black N and on site pathogen diagnostic testing are just some of the new developments which are being developed at Cazna. Watch this space. This is where innovation and technology meet and create value for you, our client.

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