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"The recent Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association conference in the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney in NSW was an excellent event bringing Golf Course professionals from around the world.Visitors included Superintendents from Qatar working at the Doha Golf Course and the new Sports Stadiums being built for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Cazna launched a new, worlds first set of on-site testing equipment that gives on site lab quality results for soil, water and tissue at the AGCSA Conference. The interest and response was outstanding. Thank you to those that placed orders and to those that have asked for on-site demonstrations at your premises. Covering the major mineral elements and other essentials like pH and Conductivity, this new range allows very accurate and quick field analysis of what is happening, in real time, without the expense and time delay in getting results from traditional sources.

If you would like more information please contact Ian Hasselman, our new Technical Sales Rep on: 0477 582 566 or

Our new website also has information and instructions for the on-site testing equipment. Other new products launched were:
  • Seal Up™, our new Dam and Pond Seal technology,
  • Patch Up™, the new way to repair bare patches in turf quickly and easily,
  • Turfs Up™, the latest new product to dramatically improve establishment success for new rolls of turf.
  • Spill Up™, the newest technology to absorb and fix spill problems on site.

For more information or if you wish for some samples to be supplied to you, please either visit the web site: Or contact our office: 02 9748 4414 or Ian Haselman on 0477 582 566 or

Watch our web site as new products are in the pipeline and once trials and further work is finished, we will be sharing this with you via this news column and other sources.

Thank you and my best regards

Robert Reynolds

General Manager

Contact me on:

Mob: 0415 825558 or

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